Mongolian Bird Watcher’s Day 2013

The Mongolian Ornithological Society (MOS) organises Mongolian Bird Watcher’s Day, an annual event designed to introduce newcomers to bird watching and to allow current enthusiasts to meet and discuss their shared interest in bird watching. This year MOS conducted Mongolian Bird Watcher’s Day in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism at Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, 60 km to the north-east of UB city on the 21st-22nd of September. Sixty participants joined in the events involving bird identification, photographing and filming activities. In addition two lectures were conducted by S. Gombobaatar, Director of MOS, and U. Tuvshin, Researcher at MOS titled ‘Ornithology and Special Interest Tourism’ and ‘Birdwatching and Passenger with no Visa’, respectively.


During the lecture ‘Ornithology and Special Interest tourism’ by S. Gombobaatar, Ornithologist, Prof. in Zoology Department in NUM and Director of MOS


It is thought that if activities such as Mongolian Bird Watcher’s Day are encouraged and performed frequently ornithology and bird watching could develop rapidly in Mongolia. Ornithologist S. Gombobaatar says “increasing the number of bird watchers and enthusiasts in Mongolia will accelerate bird conservation and research in this area”.

Some bird photographs taken during the event

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