The Launch For Mongolian Bird Red List of Birds and A Summary Conservation Action Plans

The books were published in collaboration of the Mongolian Ornithological Society, National University of Mongolia, ZSL, Steppe Forward, Ministry of Nature and Environment, World Bank, Royal Netherlands Embassy, and Mongolian Academy of Sciences in December of 2012.A total of 476 species occurring in Mongolia were assessed by national and international experts during the Regional Red List Workshop in Mongolia in 2009. All assessed species’ information and data were included in the Mongolian Red List of Birds. The book has 1036 pages with 476 species’ distribution maps and species’ high quality photographs in colour. A total of 36 species of bird are regionally threatened (Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable) or Near Threatened and included in the the Summary Conservation Action Plans containing 145 pages with species description text, species’ distribution maps and photographs. During the launch, Mr. D.Banzragch, director of Sustainable Development and Strategy Planning of the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism and Prof. R.Samiya, From the National University of Mongolia, gave the speech about scientific and practical importance, and significance of the policy for bird conservation of the books in the country.

Dr. S.Gombobaatar made a short introduction to the books and also shared difficulties of the book completion in the past and future collaboration between invited institutions and individuals.

The Mongolian Ornithological Society members showed photographs of the Regional Bird Red List Workshop in 2009 and actions of the book completion.

More than 80 people from different institutions and organizations such as National University of Mongolia (21), Steppe Forward (3), Mongolian Ornithological Society (9), Mongolian Academy of Sciences (6), Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism (6), Nemo-2/Royal Netherlands Embassy (1), State University of Education (3), State University of Agriculture (2), Natural History Museum of Mongolia (1), Bogd Khaan Museum (1), Chingis Khaan International Airport (1), State Specialized Inspectorate Agency of Mongolia (3), Ecological Education Centre (1), Hustai National Park (1), Oyu Tolgoi Mining company (1), Nomadic Expeditions Co (1), WCS (1), Express Photo Studio (1), Information centre of the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism (3), Americant Centre for Mongolian Studies (1), and others (15).

Dr. Gombobaatar and his team acknowledged all involving parties and persons for the books.

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